#104 BKK Day 3

on the third day, we went to chatuchak weekend market. reach quite early but most of the shop is closed! so it’s better to go at 12pm (bkk time). it’s really sunny so do bring along your sunglasses, cap and you may want to apply sunblock too. you can find all sorts of things. wanted to buy those white bird cage but it might not be in good condition by the time i bring back to sg. really spend quite alot over there!

this is how you get their BTS ticket.

after taking BTS, we change over to MRT. token!

this is ultra yummy!

mango sticky rice!

if i rmb correctly, this is only SGD2!

didnt know there’s A&W in bkk!

all the childhood sweet(:

BOYFRIEND! if you follow me on twitter, you will know that i twitted “i love my boyfriend!” my boyfriend is this tiny toy! (i have a bigger one which my friend gave it to me as a gift, after i got this boyfriend, i name the bigger one as exboyfriend hahha) i only bought one as i have not enough cash anymore. sis regretted not buying it! the next time round, might get about 3? hmm


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