#88 So much

so much to say, so much to shout out.


been thinking a lot, really a lot! happy and sad moments in life. so much good times that God has given to me and so much bad times that i feel like killing the devil hahaah!! exams come to an end tdy but sch starts next monday again! ): studying and working at the same time is never easy. i got to motivate myself and tell myself i can do it! but at the same time, there will be problems that trouble me. times when i can’t control what’s happening in my life, i tend to ignore everything and just be alone.

recently i saw some tweets about taurus and i find some of it seems to be very true! (anw if you dk, taurus is my horoscope) share with guys some of it! (:

#Taurus may become insecure if they have to rely on others. This is why they’re independent, and like to rely on no one but themselves.

When it comes to money #Taurus are always looking for a way to save up, just to have that security of knowing their pockets are never empty.

#Taurus prefers long term relationships over anything. Other signs may find one night stands exciting, but a #Taurus isn’t a big fan.

#Taurus aren’t big “party goers” such as, for example, a #Sagittarius, as they feel there’s no need to because they’re content staying home.

#Taurus would rather build a strong friendship before getting into a relationship first. It feels more natural to them this way.

The first thing you’ll notice about a #Taurus female is her strong and undefeatable emotional strength.

#Taurus are very cautious while choosing friends, but are very loyal & will stick by you for life once they trust you.

#Taurus are self-conscious and if they don’t want you to know how they feel, they’re good at hiding it. They’re often difficult to ‘read’.

#Taurus will not believe it until they see it. Their stubborn nature is often why they are this way.

#Taurus thinks alot, but often has nothing to say.

#Taurus are stubborn to the point where you could scream your frustrations in their face, and they still won’t budge/change their mind.

#Taurus are people with very few words to say. They don’t easily open up to people, and don’t respond to negativity unless provoked.

You can trust a #Taurus with your secrets until the very end. They are very trustworthy & do not like making promises they can’t keep.

#Taurus will make any kind of sacrifices even if it means giving up their own happiness just so you’ll be happy.

The title for most stubborn sign belongs to the #Taurus.

Even though #Taurus are content with being alone & living life in reality, deep down their soul is lonely & they’ve got love on their mind.


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