#86 My 21st Birthday Part II

on the actual day of my birthday, i went to work as usual (i dont think its a need to take off). during lunch break, we (colleagues) went to pantry to have lunch and they are kind of suspicious. i already know that they gonna celebrate my bday, but when Mel & Deb came with the cake from my back, my colleagues started singing and everyone from pantry turned and look at us! i blank out for 5 seconds seriously! (we didnt take any group photo)

fruit cake! (:

janice yap! my closest colleague! love to disturb her alot but she’s no longer in SH! ):

MEL ! she knows how to cook and she’s a basketballer! too bad she’s taken! hahah

sunflower from goh hsin yin! she’s suppose to join us for lunch but she got an interview on that day so she said she will meet us another day for lunch. but deb told her that it was my birthday so she get this and came all the way down just to pass me!

they gave me ukulele!! on 24/05/12, when i reach my work desk, i saw this ukulele! i was damn shock you know! we was actually having this conversation in the past about ukulele! oohmy, mad happy although its a belated one!! (:

i was waiting for the mail room staff or the receptionist to call me to collect something. i know there will be a parcel for me but till 3pm no one call! (i almost email the recep to ask if there’s any parcel for me). not long later, the mail room staff called me and ask me to collect something! Janice & Mel went up with me, and it’s this! i was thinking who was it! and there’s a small card written “Happy birthday, From your Beloved Friend. Seeyou later”. i went uh?! i was thinking is it ite clique friends? then Mel ask ” who are you meeting ltr?” i said “ite clique friends” than she said it’s them because it indicate “seeyou later!” hahah

most of the times i received sunflower! when will it be roses?! hahah

i head down to meet my ite clique at city hall 6.45pm. i told inping i will be late and she reply “i will angry hor!” and i knew that she will get angry hahah but im on time and she’s late! she told me she’s walking over, asked me to call steph as she have reached. met steph and while we were talking, suddenly a girl pass me a helium balloon and said “someone asked me to pass you this!” i didnt take the balloon immediately, i look around for inping and jasmine! but cant see them so i took it and say thank you! after awhile they pop out! actually steph was involve in this plan! i didnt know okay!

every year without fail, helium balloon will be one of the gift(: it makes me happy whenever i receive it although 有时我觉得很浪费钱 !

6 gifts from them + 1 handmade card from yap pingping! (:

a handmade card from yap pingping! <3 (i prefer calling her yap pingping, i dk why) i cant do anything like that! i usually do those plain and simple kind

went bibigo for dinner! (korean restaurant)

here comes the cake after dinner! (: mango cake! this year, every candle that i blow, it’s the same wish and only 1 wish! (after recalling, i never make a wish about having a boyf or anything that got to do with the person like)

individual shots!

first girl who kissed me! (maybe i shall give her a kissed on her 21st birthday too! cheek/lips? LOL)

she look nicer with this hairstyle!

group photo!

same necklace, same sandals! coincident!

a snoopy act outside raffles shopping mall!

do i really look very fierce?!

steph boyf gave us a ride home! im mad tired because from the first day of may, i reached home after 10pm every single day! got to wake up early to work, certain days there’s sch after work, and for those days without sch, i catch up with my friends after work. how tiring can this be! i fall sleep while im in the car!

at last i reached home! so i intend to do mask after bathing! bro was the only one at home, my parent went to sent my sis to the airport. i sitted in the living room to do my mask, at the same time talk to my bro. mask for about 5-10mins, suddenly someone knock the door damn hard! i ask bro to open because mum usually knock this hard. but it’s not! my bro open the door and say “your friend”. i cant even see anything without my specs and there’s no greeting like “hello!” so the only way is to guess! there’s only 2 person who havent wish me, so its either shuhui or bernard. but bernard cant be surprising me at 11.45pm. so it’s shuhui! i was like “ohmy! i thought i can rest after a long day!” so i open the door and let her in. went to take off the mask (wasted you know!) she gave me a handmade card that have the journey of our friendship. can you imagine there’s primary sch photo?! damn ugly! LOL then we talked for awhile before she go home.

i really really enjoy all the celebration! i dont know is it because its my 21st birthday that’s why all my close friends celebrated for me. but im really grateful and happy! i felt so blessed!

would like to thanks everyone who have wished me and celebrated with me! thanks for all the effort in remembering my birthday and surprising me! 


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