#85 My 21st Birthday Part I

as promise, im gonna post my 21st Birthday celebration! (:

i was someone who hated birthday alot due to what had happen when i was young. and from young, every year, my only wish was to have a birthday cake. from 17 years old onwards, i have at least 1 celebration each year. someone said this to me before: on your birthday, it’s not only to celebrate the day you were born, but also to thanks your mother for giving birth to you. when i hear this, i was like “wooow!” seriously so true! and from 17 years old onwards, my close friends celebrated my birthday without fail (:

i didnt plan any celebration this year, my friends just book me and tell me the venue etc. i wasn’t filled with much information and i really enjoy each celebration i had! i didnt took photo with all my presents, but i will post those photos i had(:

First Celebration!

this celebration was a shocking one because i went for M to help out as i was free on that day, and when they say “tdy we are celebrating the may’s babies birthday!” and as usual, all the kids get excited because cakes are kids favourite! so they name out the kids that we are celebrating for. at that moment i was taking care of one of the girl and suddenly they shout my name! i was kinda shock because i never expect it at all as i only inform them the day before that im able to help out! and can you imagine more than 20 kids singing for me?! hahah that’s how the first celebration goes about(:

Second Celebration

went to have dinner with nic and yiwa! was suppose to meet nic only but yw was with me before that so just ask her along as they know each other! nic dont know what to get for me so i asked him to treat me a meal instead and we had nandos! (it’s my first time trying anw)

Third Celebration

my relative booked a chalet to celebrate mother’s day and my birthday! (: learnt a new game call “saboteur” it’s really fun! i was really very sick on the second day! my voice became a men’s voice hahah but at the chalet there’s only bbq food so i got no choice but to eat. relative was very on! everything was prepared by them! my aunt bought me strawberry shortcake that i wanted and my uncle ordered aga aga with my name on it! (i dont have any photos, waiting for my cousin to upload it) on the second day, nic came all the way down from town just to pass me a gift that he bought! he say 21st birthday just treat dinner like very what, also not very expensive so he decided to get a gift for me.

and this is what he get! DKNY watch! and he said it’s the most famous one among all the DKNY watches!

gift from my cousin SM! swatch watch!

ask sis if she’s willing to buy this dress from MGG as my bday present and she say “YES!” mad happy!

sis did this card and ask all the cousins to write on it! (: at last i receive a handmade card from her! (front & back view)

Third Celebration

i was just told to wear what & bring what! how scary can this be! hahah got my present in different days(:

this is my first gift! fruitty pebbles!

titanic exhibition! wore my new top, skater skirt and stocking(:

 this was presented to me before the celebration start! i dont have a choice to say “no” for RSVP! and i was told that whichever shop i go, when i present this “it’s my birthday” monopoly card, i will get a discount! but there’s nothing i wanna buy near there! thanks uh!

balloons without fail! (:

 i wanted it as my bday cake! it’s ultra sweet! (i wont want it the next time round hahah)

lovely it! put it in my wallet(:

21 lovely cards that written a note in every single one!

my favourite wine! moscato! i was shock!

coloured w marker!

will update the celebration on my actual day the next post (:


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