#84 Treasure Every Moment In Life

life pretty pack till i fall sick. after my exam on april, every single day when i have no class, i will be catching up w my friends (it’s really tiring!) everyday reach home after 10pm, by the time i get myself prepared for bed will be 12plus and i got to wake up around 8am. if you think life should be this way, my answer to you is “you are wrong!” life shouldnt be so pack, you got to slow down!

sometimes i will dedicate a day to myself. i will go shopping on my own and all i want is to be alone and look what’s happening around. the worst part is that when im shopping alone and i start to get hungry! finding/chopping a sit for yourself at fast food or foodcourt is never easy! it’s weird the first few times when you are eating alone, but after awhile, i really enjoy it! if im at bugis alone, i will always eat yoshiniya for sure (i dont know why) hahhah

my next post should be about my 21st birthday! stay tune(:

to all my friends that i have meet at least once this year : catching up with you all is not my duty, but its my pleasure(: the amount of time i spend with you all, is more than the time i spend with my family. im tired and out of words at times, but you guys never fail to make me smile and laugh! i may not be the best among all your friends, but im willing to be there for every single one of you(:

to you: my schedule is so pack every single day that i hardly text or talk to you on the phone. one week we only meet for 4hours or lesser. even when we meet, i know you are unhappy w me texting non stop but at times you just kept quiet because you know that i really treasure all my friends and i dont want to keep them waiting for my reply. really thank you for being so patient and understanding towards me!

dont think about what others will think/feel. the minute you start caring about what other people think, is the minute you stop being yourself.


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