#68 Twenty Twelve

a brand new year a brand new start (: from this post you will be able to know me more! i rarely blog about my personal life, mostly only a short post. so tdy i shall post a long one just to update you guys (:

this year i have to adapt to a brand new life. im not use to it at all but im trying my best.



friends who im close with, im sorry if i cant go out w you because i have a very pack schedule. but im trying my very best to catch up whenever im free and thanks for understanding!

family & relatives– will try spending more time (:

ladies– the last time we meet up is 06/01/2012 (acceptable!)

my guys clique– last meet up was last month dec 2011. haha everyone is busy!

cousin– last meet up was after you came back from aus -.- more than 3 months! cny im gonna grab all your money hahaha!

cg & pg– trying my best to join you all whenever i can (:

hui– last meet up was on 29/12/2011, hopefully im free for dinner this week (:

nic– last meet up was before you went ns! okay meet you tml hahaha



okay people, i know a lot of you have been questioning me why ain’t i attached yet! you don’t like anyone? cant be right? no one love you? im gonna tell you my answer! are you prepared? LOL im nervous too because i don’t share w a lot of people. yes i do like someone, or should i say i love someone? haha and it’s been years already. and you gonna question me why ain’t we together yet! okay, i can’t answer this (:



i won’t be opening a chalet or anything unless my relative want it. will just be celebrating w those who ask me out (: ladies, i believe you know what i want you girls to do (: do hint me to bring clothes like have about 3 themes and bring props please! currently i only have one thing that i wanna buy (:


believing in God that He will provide (:


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