#63 Happy Birthday WWB!

here to blog about birthday! i’ll try to blog as much as possible!

first up, willie lim birthday :D

venue: orchard
cake: first kiss
present: braun buffel wallet

kk asked him out and we were hiding everywhr we can. willie was kinda down that day. but hopefully we do brighten up his day! everyone had braun buffel wallet except willie and wc. so we was like disturbing him, in the end he was shock to receive it :D (when it comes to present, this clique of us really super thick skin haha) let the photo do the talking

next up, it’s weichean birthday! it’s his 21st bday so we celebrated 2 days :D was a difficult plan but we still make it happen! girls out there, he’s really a very good guy! he’s very friendly tooo haha!

Day 1
venue: suntec
cake: 12 cupcakes?
present: 21 balloons + card

Day 2
venue: orchard
dinner: waraku
present: bag

Day 1, he attend his friend birthday celebration on sat, so we were thinking that he will go to svc on sunday. but his goes something like that – “dont know, scare im lazy.” as per normal, on sunday im serving. so i told him to go for svc then we meet for lunch, after that i need to rush to my grandma house (i really going over to my grandma house) so on that day, was a risky one because he might not go svc anytime. so i called him at 9am to confirm. and he is awake! so i text everyone and they start to prepare themselves. they went to get 21 balloons. can you imagine guys holding 21 balloons?! alot of kids approach them and ask for it HAHA! (FYI bernard chua did not join us! ) he was shock to see the balloon i guess? after that we gave him his card, A KEY! wont be uploading Day 2 photos.

next up, bernard advance birthday! as i wont be free any sooner till beginning of jan. plus i think he will be book by his friend too so we celebrated 1 week earlier.

venue: pioneer
breakfast/lunch: mac
present: AX belt

no pics, only video HAHA its at wc phone. the video is ultra funny. hope you enjoy your bday people :D

coming to the end of the year, time to do reflection


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