#62 Happy w Life!

have not been blogging! wordpress changed a little here and there so trying to figure out. happy w life now, i’ve learn to walk forward and not regret about life. all you need to do is to work hard! i’ll roughly blog about what i rmb doing recently.

i went suntan last week and im going again as the sun wasn’t that strong! know what? i went out that day and i forget to bring my wallet out! thank God that my friend was just a building away and i manage to borrow $50! if not i have to go back home all the way.

last sunday, my clique planned a 21st birthday surprise for EWE WEI CHEAN! it will only be successful if BERNARD CHUA came! he went to celebrate this friends birthday, so weichean, how you want us to punish him? haha! seriously, there’s too many birthday falls on the october! (i just dislike october to december!) the discussion didnt came out smoothly as it’s his 21st birthday, so we are planning a bigger surprise. indeed, we passed! thank God! i shall continue sharing how we surprise him in the next post. and i’m gg to blog about another birthday celebration we had earlier on for WILLIE LIM! stay tune people (:


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