#56 This is how we Split

recently was thinking bout ite life and the times i had. the one thing that is in my mind is that one day in school, we was talking how we want our wedding to be etc. and we said that our sister will be everyone in the clique. come to think of it, those were the happy days.

but everything is not the same as before. isn’t it sad to say that the clique has been split into two? honestly, im sad of cause. we are very different in attitude and character.

we went thru the soft and hard times tgt. i tears and laugh in ite. 3 years in ite that make me learn alot. we talk about all the topic that it will happen in life.

im gonna share with you how the group split into two from 6 to 3 by 3 and thats somehow the story that i no longer in contact with the other 3.

how we split into two groups is simply because of some misunderstanding that was not cleared. the misunderstanding is small but yet did not solve. one of them actually say this to me “you know her pattern want ma” and she i think she expect me to give in. can you tell me what will you answer if you were the one? im very close w this person who tell me this but im not at fault yet i need to give in? i didn’t give in and that is how we split.

dunno is this a good or bad things. but it’s pretty sad when i think bout ite life. is a much wasted friendship as i didn’t thought it would turn out this way.



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