#52 Past Tense

body aching now due to yesterday was helping my friend as something happened. it last for 3h, and it’s again! after it happen, i reflect and ask myself lots of things. i know life is unfair, no matter what, it’s not easy to make it fair. “who am i make a difference”. most of my friends should have this photo with you yeeeah, but how much difference can you make? i can make a person happy on one side, but you might not know what im gg through isn’t it? but there’s too much regrets in life. ooh well, don’t ask me what happened, cause as usual, i won’t say unless i feel like(:

alright, 2 weeks of break and i went back. i don’t feel comfortable of course. trying not to speak to everyone as i don’t wanna force myself at this period of life. close friends- i know i haven’t been contacting you guys through sms/calls/meet up. but no worries, do it next month :/

don’t force me to drink 菊花茶 anymore please!


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