#48 Two Comes To Me

okay, im back! and there’s still people who view my blog! almost everyday! thanks peeps(: shall blog bout my birthday yeah. not able to upload photos, so sorry. but will be full of words!

on first of may, my group of friends actually celebrate my birthday at USS! (screaaam!) was one of my wish. they plan it long ago! (i think so, but actually I got a feeling we will be going there already haha) before that day, we celebrated one of the girl birthday, and i whisper to her “tml im celebrating my bday”. and her reply was “really? where?” and i go “joking laa” ohmen, her acting not bad hoor! we went from 12 to 9plus! it’s freaking tired! so here comes the present! because my friend say all my wish came true. so i was asking everyone where’s my present. and they say “USS is your present!” of cos i don’t believe. but everyone spend about $100 or more for that day except me, FOC! back to the present, every wish come true= voucher! lol and i receive a gift that that that, i was shock! plus i think no one receive this gift before! end of story for USS.

on fifteen may, pg celebrated my bday at just acia! i didn’t expect them to celebrate cos after moving to suntec, no one celebrate anyone’s bday! and i got a muffin, sunflower and a top(;

on sixteen may, went steamboat with apple & yamin! and that was my only cake! i feel like eating cake ):

on seventeen may, i went shopping alone and wanna buy myself a slice of ice cream cake, and know what? sold out -.-

ohya! and one more thing! one of my friend. hmm not gonna tell you what my friend give but it was a unique wan! i thought of it before but ahhhh, idea out lol. thanks alot!

to all: thanks for wishing me!

if wanna know more about my bday, ask me on formspring(:


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