#32 It’s The Last Time


24 February 2011 (it’s the last time)

it’s the last time i wear my lanyard once i enter the school.
it’s the last time i step into the school with my proper school attire.
It’s the last time i tap my card for attendance.
It’s the last time we enter a classroom with the whole class.

26/27 February 2011 (it’s the last time)

it’s the last time im gg expo hall 8 for service.
it’s the last time im gonna feel His presence there.
it’s the last time the hall is fully packed.
it’s the last time im serving at hall 8 conference room 4.

i remember deeply, the first time i step into church service is at expo. a service that i feel so weird but yet i still went back (:

i remember that day was emerge. it was the last day of emerge. expo changes alot of me. whenever i leave cg, i will go expo service by myself.

i remember we always go changi airport to fellowship. and when we gg home, i will feel so sad because i cant fellowship longer. so i will bargain with my cgl saying “please, let’s drop at paya lebar then back to bedok again” and when paya lebar reaching, i will say “next stop pleaseeee” and soon, i will lose. hahas.

i remember when we receive the news that we will be attending jw service, i was like yeeeeah (because i can fellowship longer) but after awhile, i feel so tired traveling there. but know what? as time pass by, i love that place a lot!

i remember the first time serving at expo hall 8 conference room.

there’s soooo much memories at expo! i will miss you expo! now, we are shifting to a better place! expo, you are the one that let us grow so much! thank you!


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