#18 But My Heart Says No

CLOSE FRIEND smile when you see this picture cause you all have been encourage me. i’ll dedicate this post to 4 person who have help me thru this one week. comment when you 4 see this(:

BERNARD the one who always trying to cheer me up. thanks for all the encouragement that you have help me along. everyday you will msg and check whether am i fine. this week i treat you very cold but you still hang on. i know it’s not easy to talk to someone when that person only reply you a one word ans. really thanks!

KAHKEONG the one who always tolerate my attitude. thanks for all the quarrels that build me up. although you are in ns, you might know little but still thanks! your time is precious but you still sacrifice the time to listen to me.

OLIVE closest cg member. really big thanks to listening to me when im really down. listen to those nonsense problems of mine. those time that we spend really make me happy. pulling me to the room and start to say this and that (:

WEICHEAN the one who always wait for my bus to come before gg home. this should be the first time i told you something that you dunno what to say. hahas. thanks for the encouragement. you might not say much but encouraging me not to give up. telling me sentence by sentence of before and after you came in.


6 thoughts on “#18 But My Heart Says No

  1. hey, saw the post le. glad you understand what i want to tell you,even though i have nothing much to tell you.hahas jiayou!you are not alone =)

  2. ‘you might know little’ wat u mean? haaa. im more than happy to know i’ve made a difference to u. continue to stay strong. jiayou in watever u doing(: jiayou!

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